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Overwhelming Debt

Financial Pressures/Overwhelming Debt
Many people throughout the country are burdened with debt and financial obligations. This could be credit cards, law suits, repossessions, mortgages etc. The list can go on and overwhelm persons, families, and businesses. For many people filing bankruptcy is the most effective way to rid yourself of the financial burden.

Filing bankruptcy can offer […]

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Protecting Your Personal Assets

Your Personal Assets may be in Risk in your Business

Many people who operate their business under their name or a sole proprietorship find out that there personal assets such as cash, cars, and their home are at risk if their business is being sued or threatened with financial obligations the business is not able to […]

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Costs of Probate Court

<>h2Avoid the Problems and Costs of Probate Court

Having a standard will and trust help your heirs avoid the probate court entirely. If some passes with wither no will or just a will, their heirs may be subject to probate court which can cost large amounts of money and time. The assets you wish to pass […]

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Came to the Country Illegally

Came to the Country Illegally, What to Do?

Many people are surprised to find out that they still may be able to obtain legal permanent residence in the USA even if they entered the country illegally. Obtaining legal residence can be happiest event many people can experience. They can live and work legally in the USA […]

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Injured at work

Injured? Insurance Company is NOT looking at your best interest

When someone is injured, they may be able to file a personal injury claim with an insurance company. The insurance company is not looking at your best interest to make sure you are fairly compensated. They are looking at their bottom line to see how they […]

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