The immigration laws can determine who stays in the country and who must leave. Violations of the terms of a visa can jeopardize the status and can result in removal or deportation. It is best to have representation from the Jain Law Group when threatened with deportation. We can provide aggressive and professional legal assistance during a very stressful time when a person may have to leave the country. An effective immigration attorney from Jain Law Group can intervene and represent a client accused of criminal activity or other violations. Let our prominent immigration attorneys assess the situation and provide the needed representation during all steps of immigration and possible removal.

Violations of the terms and agreements pertaining to visas are serious with harsh consequences. Individuals in the U.S., whether here legally or illegally, can face deportation (also known as removal) for the following violations:

  • Remaining in the country past a visa expiration
  • Engaging in criminal activities
  • Fraudulent or illegal marriage
  • Providing fraudulent documentation

Anyone who helps others enter the United States illegally is subject to removal. Homeland Security may expedite deportation of individuals who engage in activities that threaten the safety of the public or endanger the national security. A removal affects not only the violator, but also the families if a parent or child must leave the country. Our skilled immigration attorneys at Jain Law Group have helped many clients facing deportation maintain their residency or achieve a desired result. To learn more about our services please contact the Jain Law Group.

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