E-3 Visa: Certain Specialty Occupation Professionals from Australia

In order to obtain an E-3 visa, you must be an Australian citizen who is seeking to work in the USA in a specialty occupation. The applicant must have experience, college degree, and/or certification directly related in the field of the specialty occupation. Generally, E3 visas pertain to individuals with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. This is usually the minimum requirement for E3 visas.

If a current E3 visa holder wishes to change employment, a new E-3 visa application as well as a new Labor Condition Application must be filed for the new employment. Additionally, there must not be more than 10 days of time between jobs.

Family members of E-3 Holder

Dependants and the spuse of an E3 visa holder are also entitled to receive an E3 visa. Children are not authorized to work but the spouse may obtain an employment authorization to work in the USA.

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