Green Card by Marriage or Family Relation

Jain Law Group has helped many individuals obtain a Green Card through marriage or sponsorship from another family member. To obtain a Green Card one must have a petition a petition from the USA spouse or family member be filed and an adjustment of status is also filed. An adjustment of status filed with the USCIS (“United States Customs and Immigration Services”) is when you apply to change your current status (like B2 Visitor Visa) or no status to a Green Card holder.

Our firm is able to guide you through the complexities of this process. We will prepare and file all necessary forms with the appropriate support documentation in place to minimize the likelihood of being refused by the USCIS. Please note that adjustment of status to a Green Card is considered discretionary and the USCIS may, in their discretion deny an application. It is very important that the application be filed correctly with proper supporting documentation.

In certain circumstances a person who is in the USA and does not have status like an expired visa or no status may still be able to adjust their status to Green Card Holder. In this situation, it is very important to contact the experienced attorneys at Jain Law Group so you can know all of your options when it comes to your immigration status.

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