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You Can Seek U.S. Residence For Business Purposes

Some people seek permanent residence or green cards through immigration for business purposes. It can be challenging to obtain visas for business immigration so it is imperative to have an experienced immigration lawyer working with you throughout the process. Jain Law Group can help you relocate to the U.S. and work toward a permanent home here.

Professional Service For All Business Immigration Needs

We have extensive experience in business, employment and investor immigration. For over a decade, we have helped clients obtain a variety of work visas, including but not limited to:

  • H-1B visas for specialty occupations
  • L-1B visas for specialty knowledge or skills
  • EB-5 visas or investment visas
  • Visas for those with advanced degrees
  • Visas for family of business immigrants

Immigration is often a long process but we can assist at every step. We put our experience and skills toward your success. Our attorney, Rajiv Jain, has a background in business and a thorough understanding of how to seek a work visa for you. We strive not only to provide excellent service and legal advice but also to lay your concerns to rest. We care about your case and you will receive personal attention and professional communication from us.

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You should never face immigration matters without legal help. Turn to a California law firm with the skills to help you pursue your goals.

You can contact us online or call 949-379-8483. We serve clients in Irvine and throughout Orange County.

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