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You may be looking for a new life or new opportunities but immigration is not easy. Because it involves the government and has strict requirements and extensive paperwork, the process is quite complicated. You need an experienced immigration lawyer walking you through each step to ensure that you follow the process correctly and have the best chance at obtaining a green card or visa.

Whether you are applying for individual immigration, family immigration, or business and employment immigration matters, Jain Law Group can help.

Professional Experience For Your Immigration Needs

We have worked with clients on immigration matters for over a decade. We have experience with all types of immigration issues, including:

Our attorney, Rajiv Jain, has personal experience with immigration and has helped many families seek fiancé/fiancée visas, marriage visas or citizenship for themselves and other family members. We truly care about each and every one of our clients. Your case will be handled professionally and thoroughly.

We are committed to understanding your needs and easing your concerns. When you work with us, we provide open communication about your case. We will regularly update you on the next steps that we are working on as well as answer any questions you have at any point in the process. Let us help you pursue the future you have planned for yourself.

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Immigration is far too complicated to handle without legal help. Turn to a California attorney with the knowledge and skills you need.

You can contact us online or call 949-379-8483. We serve clients in Irvine and throughout Orange County.

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