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F-1 Visa: Students

Jain Law Group can help aspiring students obtain a student visa who wish to study in the United States. Applicant should apply to academic institutions and be admitted to the school. Individuals on an F-1 student visa must maintain their full-time status and are expected to complete their studies before their F-1 student visa expires. If the student wishes to continue with their academic studies, they must apply for a new student visa from the school they wish to attend to.

To qualify to apply for F-1 student visa, applicants are required to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Must have a foreign residence and must have intention to return to home country upon completion of studies;
  2. Must show financial ability to pay for tuition and accommodations;
  3. Must show evidence that there are strong ties to home country such as job offers, assets and family members.

Period Of Stay

Students may remain in F-1 status as long as they continue studying in their academic programs. Prospective students who initially entered the USA with another visa may apply for a student visa and remain in the USA.

Individuals currently in the USA on a student visa may be eligible to obtain another visa like an employment visa or a green card in certain circumstances and not have to leave the USA.

Family Members Of F-1 Holder

Dependents of an F-1 student visa can obtain an F-2 visa to also be allowed to enter and stay in the USA.

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